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Uber is a massive company who seems to never catch a break in any practice they do. Whether it comes to taxi companies, or governments trying to shut them down, or consumers complaining about vague explanations for surge pricing, Uber seems to always be in the spotlight. This time they have come under questioning about their driver screening process after one of their drivers, Jason Dalton, has been arrested and charged with six murders. Although this was a tragic incident, Mr. Dalton’s driving record, and background check showed no indication that this was going to happen, and it appears this is a random incident.

Another tech company that can’t seem to stay out of headlines is Yahoo! They’ve been struggling in recent years to turnaround the company’s financial health, and it appears that board members and leaders have had enough, as a committee has now been form to look for “possible alternatives” to this situation. This could mean that Yahoo! is looking either for drastic measures to reduce expenses, or that the once search juggernaut is looking for a sale.

And although Americans have been reducing credit card debt in recent years, it’s not correlating to higher savings. Currently, only 52% of Americans have more money in savings than in credit card debt, although more Americans have cut down on credit card debt. So if credit card debt is lowering, and savings aren’t increasing, then what are Americans spending their money on? Although the answer is mixed, we can all agree that the pink piggy holding their change is starting to feel a little lonely.

Well that’s it for this week! Check back next week for another business environment update, and also check out the FMA Facebook page, where we’ll be posting interesting stories for you to stay current with. We’ll see you there.

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