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Busy Week in the Markets!

What a busy week we had in the markets! There were plenty of things going on, it’s almost unreal that it all happened at once. Let’s get into it. Kanye reached out to Mark Zuckerberg (on Twitter) to invest 1 billion dollars into his ideas, revealing to the world that he is 53 million in personal debt. Now I’m not an expert on the rules of personal privacy, but I’m not sure that’s the best thing to put onto social media Kanye. He calls himself the best entertainer, and that all his ideas would be worth this much of an investment, including the idea of an emoji autocorrect.

Speaking of entertainment, did you watch Deadpool starring Ryan Reynolds this past weekend? If you did, you were clearly not alone; the movie not only grossed 150 million here in the states and Canada, it grossed another 150 million worldwide in 61 markets. That’s huge as this is the highest grossing ‘R’ rated movie to come out, and this probably will pave the way for “Wolverine” to try and up the stakes as well. You can make the case that deadpool is clearly alive and well.

Things are speeding up in the telecommunications realm, as AT&T and Verizon have both began their 5G testing, which claims that speeds will be 10-100x your 4G LTE… Now that’s HUGE! The technology would be so fast, that speeds would be measured in gigabits per second vs. megabits per second. To put it into perspective, you could download full length movies in just seconds!

We do have some unflattering news unfortunately though. In the political world, supreme court justice Antonin Scalia has died at the age of 79. The actual cause of death isn’t known, but this puts the supreme court at an even split 4-4 between liberals and conservatives. This definitely puts President Obama and the senate at odds, and even the upcoming presidential candidates have higher risks. If the senate doesn’t allow Obama to select a justice before his term is up, then the new president will have his/her first task starting from day one.

The business world never stops, so we will never stop monitoring the business world for you. Check back in next week for a new update, and check the FMA Facebook page for interesting posts coming up! We’ll see you there.




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