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Money Has Its Grip On All Aspects of Life

Money has its grip on all aspects of life, not just business, and it was evident in this week’s news. This past Sunday had a showdown between two top defensive teams in the Carolina Panthers and the Denver Broncos. While the Broncos ended up on top, it was particularly their fans that won the big game. The super bowl had a total of 4.1 billion dollars in bets waged on the outcome, and that only counts for illegal wages. Sounds like Bronco fans had a SUPER bowl.

If you are a fan of the Kim Kardashian game, get ready for Taylor Swift! Gaming app maker GLU and Taylor swift have come to terms on a multiyear deal for the pop star to have her own game. If you’ve ever wanted the chance to live like Taylor, now’s your chance.

Not everyone is living the glamorous life though, as LinkedIn recently lost over 43% of their value in a day over weak revenue forecasts. That’s a total of 11 billion wiped out! But it’s not just LinkedIn that’s struggling, they are just one of the many tech companies that are facing the grip of a bear market. In comparison, Facebook and Twitter are both down 12% and 13% respectively.




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